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Monday, March 23, 2009

What's next after passing the nursing board exam?

Around more or less 50,000 nurses are registered in a year. But what happens next after the new nurses take their oath?

Family, friends and relatives of the newly registered nurses jumped with joy as they read and knew the good news of the board exam results. After the 4 years of heavily laded studies, projects, requirements, related learning experiences and expensive tuition fees, fresh passers, parents and guardians cant be more proud more than anyone else.

Unfortunately this bliss is only for the meantime as reality sets back in as Thousands of nurses stay unemployed nowadays. There is an oversupply of nurses while hospitals and clinical schools are no longer demanding. Although there is a higher job opportunities abroad, nurses have difficulty applying and qualifying for the said green field as they need to gain 2 or 3 years hospital experience. So where do all nurses land? BPO industry or perhaps getting married and settling down.. So ironic!

1 comment:

Clarrise, RN said...

I agree... It's pretty disappointing that after studying pathophysiology of various diseases most of us will end up taking calls from foreigners and/or calling foreigners to sell car parts or something...